Annapurna Ultra Race Nepal: Rules and Regulations

Terms and Conditions Now Updated to Include COVID

Each person taking part has to agree on the following Terms and Conditions prior to being allowed to start any of our events, the Fire + Ice Ultra, Viking Ultra and Annapurna Ultra.

In addition, every competitor must complete and return the mandatory online Competitor information and Medical Form, ensuring all questions are answered accurately, including details of the Compulsory Insurance and submit a copy of their insurance.

  1. I agree to abide by the Race Rules and Regulations as stipulated in the pre-race information.
  2. I accept that it is my responsibility to be aware of the terrain and unique requirements for each event.
  3. I am fully aware that by participating in any of the Fire + Ice Ultra, Viking Ultra & Annapurna Ultra comes with the potential risk of injury.
  4. I fully accept that participating any of these events that it may involve potential risks including but not limited to: Dehydration, Hyponatremia, Altitude Sickness (AMS), Sun/Heat Stroke, Exhaustion, Frostbite, Frozen Limbs, Hyperthermia, Wild & Dangerous Animals, Objects/Obstructions, Vehicles, Inclines &; Declines, Lack of Communication Methods, Failure of Personal Equipment, Risk of Getting Lost, and the Possibility of Personal Injury, Mental Trauma and Death.
  5. I am aware that although the race organisers have carried out a full risk assessment each event, the route and all logistics there may be additional/unforeseeable hazards not listed above.
  6. I acknowledge and agree that the events take part in remote parts of the world, where normal facilities are unlikely to be available. I acknowledge that I am expected to possess outdoor survival skills such as familiarity with outdoor gear, backpacking, basic navigation knowledge including map and compass reading, and common sense.
  7. I hereby waive, release and discharge myself and my successors (heirs, executors, administrators, legal representatives, etc) any and all rights and claims which the race organiser(s), the promoter and any promoting organisation(s) and their board of directors, property owners, law enforcement agencies, all public entities, special districts, and properties (and their respective agents, officials, and employees) through or by which the event will be held for any and all damages which may be sustained by my participation in and of association with the event, or travel to or return from the event.
  8. I understand that during the course of this extreme race, situations and events can arise which may be beyond the control of the race organisers, officials, medical volunteers and volunteers and that if such a situation should arise I must not continue so as not to endanger myself or others.
  9. I accept responsibility for the condition and adequacy of my equipment.
  10. I acknowledge and agree that competing in the events will be physically demanding, and I am aware of the nature of the Races and that there are medical and physical risks associated with the Races. I agree that I am solely responsible for my own training and preparation for the events. By applying to compete in a event, I am confirming that I am physically capable of competing in the my chosen event
  11. I have no physical or mental condition which, to my knowledge, would endanger myself or others if I participate in this event, or would interfere with my ability to participate in this event. Please contact your GP, and our Medical team if you have any questions regarding your suitability.
  12. I acknowledge and agree that I am responsible for obtaining and taking all necessary inoculations and medications (and have taken them in accordance with my doctor’s instructions) relevant to the country in which the event I also understand that it is my sole responsibility to carry any personal medications required with me throughout the event. Our medical team will not be able to, nor will they be liable for failing to, supply personal medication during an event should any competitor fail to carry his or her own supplies as listed on the compulsory Kit list.
  13. Extreme Adventure Races have a professional Medical team at our events to support participants for the duration of the events. I agree to give permission to medical staff to make decisions concerning my medical care and treatment, and where necessary to authorise such care and treatment in emergency situations. I understand that event staff will make every reasonable effort, in the circumstances, to reach my emergency contact regarding my medical status in the event an emergency arises. I accept that in the event that If I were to get lost during an event, the organisers reserve the right to wait 24 hours before making contact with my emergency contact to enable time to obtain detailed information. After 24hours I accept that my emergency contact will be contacted regardless of information available.
  14. I acknowledge that the event operates in very remote in Iceland and Nepal which may not be supported by local hospitals and that transportation to the nearest hospital may take several hours or longer. I further acknowledge that the course may pass through terrain where emergency evacuation may be seriously delayed or in some cases not available.
  15. I agree, on behalf of myself and my successors, that the above terms are contractually binding, and are not mere recitals, and that should I or any of my successors assert any claim in contravention of this agreement, I or my successors shall be liable for the expenses (including legal fees) incurred by the other party or parties in defending unless the other party or parties are finally adjusted liable on such claims for willful or wanton negligence. This agreement may not be modified orally by either party, and a waiver of any provision shall not be construed as a modification of or as consent to any other provision herein or as consent to any subsequent waiver of modification.
  16. I agree to provide my own insurance (insurance is compulsory) cover which includes but is not limited to evacuation, medical and travel cover. I agree that my insurance will be applicable for the Country and race I am taking part in. ( Important : see the separate category for more details on compulsory Insurance )
  17. The participant's privacy and submitted data will never be shared with third-party providers, except where races are in partnership. Event partners will only be privy to race application data. By taking part in the race you are agreeing to your race application data being shared with our race partner(s).

Payment Terms, Race Fees, Additional Costs

  1. We recommend that Race Fees and flights are paid for with credit cards to protect yourselves against event cancellation or non-attendance due to reasons of injury, missed flights, lost luggage, natural disasters, etc.
  2. A non-refundable deposit ( the amount of which varies depending on your event choice ) is payable on registration for each race. The remaining balance is due in full 90 days prior to the race start date. If this payment is not received before the race start date the organisers have the right to withdraw you from the race and are not liable for any costs that result from this.
  3. We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.
  4. Payment Plan: As soon as the organisers receive your race deposit you have a guaranteed place on your chosen event. We require you to pay a minimum of 50% of your balance at least 180 days prior to departure. The remaining balance for the event is due 90 days prior to departure. Once payment is received, or within 180 days of the event (whichever comes first), there are no refunds for any element of the event cost.
  5. Race Place Transfer: In extraordinary circumstances, you may not be able to fulfill your place at the event. Before we pass the “90 day to race date” we will allow transfer for 2 occasions only, transfer to another race in the series with an admin fee of £100 After we pass the “90 days to race date” we will allow a transfer to another race in the series if full payment has been received, for a fee of £300. Any admin or rebooking fees must be paid when making the adjustment to your race date.
  6. Extreme Adventure Races reserves the right to withdraw the offer of a place in the Race to you for any reason and at any time. In such circumstances, we will provide you with a full refund of the entry fee for the relevant event.
  7. Extreme Adventure Races is not responsible for any other costs relating to section 6 above. This includes, but is not limited to flights, hotels, insurance, visa etc.
  8. Extreme Adventure Races is not responsible for any extra costs incurred by anyone taking part. This includes, but is not limited to canceled or delayed flights, transfers outside of those within the set schedule etc.
  9. Extreme Adventure Races reserves the right to:
    1. Modify the event format; or
    2. Change the dates of the event; or
    3. Change the location (within the planned country or to a new country) of the event; or
    4. Cancel the event any time before the official start date/time; or
    5. Cancel the event after it has started.
  10. If we modify the event for any reason, we will have no obligation to reimburse you the entry fee for the Race.
  11. I agree that my name, voice or picture may be used by the race organisers and their affiliates for future promotional purposes.

Issues Relating to Covid 19

If we postpone/cancel the race due to Covid 19:

  • Entrants will be transferred to a future race of their choice at no cost.
  • Otherwise, entrants can apply for a refund of their balance above the non-refundable deposit applicable to your event

If you test positive for Covid-19 within ninety days of your event:

  • You can request a transfer to a future event at no cost, we will require proof of the test result.

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773 Spring Bank West