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Medical kit :  To enable you to cope with cuts, bruises,sprains etc
What you carry would depend on your history with blisters, the most likely problem for most.

Painkillers or other tablets, creams not compulsory, but if carried advise medics at Medical Form review

The following list is a minimum suggested requirement. You may
need more supplies based on your experience and prior
history of foot blisters:

10x alcohol wipes
2 x hypodermic needles or safety pins
1 x roll of paper tape 
1 x roll of elastic tape 
 Assorted Compeed pads

Assorted plasters, cuts, scratches  etc.
Note 1:  A foot Lubricant  is also recommended. Foot powder is recommended for feet that sweat a lot.
Note 2: You should try to anticipate the amount of supplies
you will need for the whole event. if you do not bring enough supplies,
you could be at risk of developing more severe blisters that
could jeopardize your ability to finish the race.

COMPRESSION BANDAGE The minimum size requirement is 7.5 cm/3 in wide x
4.5 m/14 ft long (6 cm/2.4 inches in diameter). The compression bandage can be used for strapping an
ankle / knee, slinging an arm injury,

SAFETY PINS  x 8 for emergencies and to hold race number in place  ( on complusory equipment list already