Viking Ultra Race Iceland 2024

Viking Ultra Iceland
Total 125 Km 
The most Volcanically active country on earth
Another year, another Volcano, Cancelled until Volcano stops   
The Suspension is the Viking Ultra ONLY, and does NOT effect the Fire + Ice Ultra 

Suspended until scientific research clears the area for access to more remote parts of the Viking Ultra course 

Also known as the mean little brother of the Fire + Ice Ultra
A tough event to introduce you to multi-day ultra race events, 
or for those who just don’t have time for multi-day events that traditionally take 8 or 9 days from your life

Stunning scenery and a convenient and fantastic location.
With steaming rivers, bubbling mud pools, geysers, dramatic volcanic landscapes, lava fields, and fields of volcanic ash,
the Viking Ultra course introduces you to the unique landscapes of Iceland.
The next course will take you to the edge of the New Lava fields from the 2021, 2022 and 2023 Volcano eruptions
The 2021, 2022 and 2023 events were affected by new 3 annual Volcanic Eruptions that were in the middle of the course, after the scientists, the Icelandic government and the National Park have not yet declared the area safe for 2024, meaning we won't have time to plan, the possibility of yet another eruption before the proposed 2024 dates is still quite high,  parts of the Viking Ultra course are now under millions of tons of New Lava, join us next time to see the new course with routes that will take us up to the new lava fields, with spectacular formations and dramatic landscapes shaped just a few years ago. 

You can see the First Volcanic Eruption  in the middle of 
Viking Ultra Course HERE
Apart from some limited Tourist tracks to see the Volcano, the National Park restricted access to the wild country in the area

Race HQ is in South West Iceland around 40 to 45 minutes from
Keflavik International Airport.

Usually this time of the year there are longer days and warmer temperatures when
compared to the Fire + Ice Ultra in the North of Iceland in late August.

With good weather, we may get the Midnight Sun.

What is included :
Accommodation at Race HQ on Friday evening 
Accommodation at Race HQ on Monday 
Accommodation in Tents during the event
Event top handed out at registration
Award for each finisher
Presentation evening with Dinner
Fully pre-marked course, with checkpoints on the route each day.
Emergency support
Medical support.
Personal event Insurance is compulsory
Suspended until further information is available
Kit checks (see compulsory kit list), medical and checks are all on Friday evening.
Event top for all those that arrive at registration, event award for all those that complete the course.
Friday night accommodation is in a shared room and Saturday pre-event buffet Breakfast is included in your entry.
For all travel, car hire, and extra night accommodation or a Friday evening,
an optional visit to Blue Lagoon is available, for a group rate for you and family and friends Contact All-Iceland on
A New course to take in the best of the new Volcano area for 2024.
and go around parts of the old course now part of the New Volcano 
Day One Saturday 25th May 2024
Typically 40 to 50 Km 
Event Day One, self-sufficient
Shared tent at overnight camp, along with Hot water supplied
Day Two Sunday 26th May 2024
Normally 40 to 50 Km 
Event Day Two, self-sufficient
Shared tent at end of the day,
Hot water morning and evening supplied
Day Three Monday 27th May 2024
Normally 30 to 35 Km 
Event Day Three, self-sufficient
Hot water supplied in the morning
Finish Snacks and drinks pack included at the finish.
Early evening Dinner and presentation
Accommodation in a shared room at Race HQ included, along with Breakfast the next morning

The cost for 2024 is £1050
You can pay your deposit and future part instalments HERE

Travel to and from the Airport or any pre-event accommodation you may have to Race HQ is not included.
Save yourself time, money and hassle

For all your travel from home to race HQ and back, we strongly suggest you contact
All Iceland, can also help you with extra trips, longer time and adventures in Iceland with family and friends*.

There is the option of family and friends seeing you finish, and they can also join you at the presentation dinner, contact All-Iceland for booking extra places at the presentation dinner, and ensure they are in the right place at the right time to see you cross the final finish line.

Booking travel and accommodation with All-Iceland is covered under ABTA and ATOL, giving you security and peace of mind.
In the past participants who booked directly with an airline that ceased trading before the event, they were not covered under ABTA and ATOL.

Contact for more details.

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