Fire and Ice Ultra Race: Medical treatment in Iceland

It is compulsory to have Insurance that covers any loss of your possessions, injury or illness, or any other incident relating to your trip to the Fire + Ice Ultra or any other activity organised by Extreme Adventure Races ( Adventure Resources ).

Any Medical treatment in Iceland for Non-Icelandic residents must be paid for at the Time of treatment.

To take part in the Fire + Ice it is compulsory to have Insurance.

In addition for those that qualify, we strongly suggest you apply for the European Health Insurance card or if you are in the UK the GHIC card is now available since Brexit. Some older UK cards will still look like the EHIC card but will expire soon. 

See below

Our own medical team operate a safety-first approach to the well-being of Competitors and the Fire + Ice crew.

If it is required you will be taken for Medical treatment at the nearest hospital, all costs associated with that are your own responsibility, however, the injury or illness has been caused

Your EHIC or GHIC lets you get state healthcare at a reduced cost or sometimes for free. It will cover you for treatment that is needed to allow you to continue your stay until your planned return. It also covers you for the treatment of pre-existing medical conditions and for routine maternity care, as long as you’re not going abroad to give birth.

In the EU it looks like this (older ones from the UK look like this as well)

The new UK GHIC Card looks like this.