Viking Ultra Race: Weather

The weather on the course is very variable and can get cold, it’s not called Iceland for nothing. There is a saying in Iceland that you can experience all four seasons in one day. In the past competitors have had to deal with everything from snow to sunburn and sandstorms during the same race. Temperatures during the race can drop below freezing, this is uncommon during the day but it does happen frequently at night. Please ensure that your sleep system and clothing are adequate to deal with temperatures well below freezing during the night. The race starts at an altitude of around 900m (roughly 3,000 feet) and stays in the mountains for the first few days which makes the weather cooler and less predictable.

We advise that if you feel the cold you adjust your clothing choices accordingly. Many competitors choose to carry a warmer sleeping bag than the minimum specified in the kit list even though it means extra weight. If it becomes very cold the drop bags will be issued, for more information on drop bags please see the kit list.

If you want to look up weather for the race then most Icelanders prefer to rely on the Norwegian weather service as they find it more reliable. The website also provides statistics so that you can see the previous average temperatures. This is the closest weather station for the first few stages of the race. Just remember that even if the weather forecast is good for the week of the race it can change very quickly!