Naked Runner Red & White
Naked Runner

Naked Runner Red And White: Stylish Sports Sunglasses

Naked Runner Red & White

For Rio we have produced a limited number of GB colours, which are essentially Blazing Red and Caballo Blanco colours combined. 

I was really pleased to see Dominic King our GB 50km walker deciding to run with them at the Rio Olympics.

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Naked Runner Red & White

These Sports sunglasses have the air ventilation for clear viewing. The lenses are made of Poly-carbonate making them 100% UV-400 protection. The frames are made from TR90 thermoplastic material developed by the Swiss, which is incredibly durable, flexible, and lightweight. They bend under pressure and contour your face comfortably and has memory characteristics.

When you try these frames on you will instantly realise the quality and how comfortable they are to wear to the point you will forget that you have them on. There are a number of air ducts around the frames to help to keep the frames clear of mist, particularly on cold days in bright sunshine. NB the key to keeping them clear is to adjust the nose pads squeeze in to move away from the face and open out to bring them closer.

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