Fire and Ice Ultra Race: Race Reports

I’ve gathered together a collection of race reports and reflections which may help you in your preparation for the Fire and Ice Ultra. I’ve picked a favourite quote from each one. Enjoy!

David 2018
“… beyond the running challenge and Iceland’s unique scenery, the people associated with this race made my overall experience extra special – my seven tent mates for the week, the organisers, the volunteers and medical staff who looked after us in often very difficult conditions, and every runner who despite ability, injury or blisters finished the race.”

Louise 2017
“I could wax lyrical about the sights and sounds, but I wouldn’t really want to ruin it for anyone.. all I will say is, if there is one race you do in your life, make it this one.”

Kevin 2017
” A few miles of lush grass, flowers and even insects beside a stream, and we were back up the other side into a landscape more akin to the moon.”

Sabina 2017 (Italian and English, scroll down for the English)

1680 km in training since January (8 months)
250 km “race” the hardest Foot Race in Iceland
6 stages (one of 70 km)
56 hours and 20 minutes total “travel time”
648.960 foot steps taken
6 freezing nights
2 barefoot river crossings
maximum temperature 13 degrees cent
minimum temperature -4 degrees centigrade
9.5 kg : back pack weight at start line
5.5 kg: back pack weight at finish line
12 freeze dried meals
countless energy blocks, gels, nuts and chocolate bars
500 g of parmesan cheese
2 full Arnica cream tubes
1 vaseline tube (only for feet)
just a few blisters
66 competitors – only 4 had to give up
a great bunch of new friends
over 25.000 euro raised
more than 296 donors”
Bee 2017 (Italian and English, scroll down for Italian)
” The mixed feelings caused by the sublime torture provided by the course and the terrain, the determination of not letting go (to be honest, there really was nowhere else to go), and the giddy happiness, ultimate satisfaction, heavenly tiredness and extreme sense of belonging at the end of each day are difficult to convey, hard to imagine and, above all, impossible to forget.”

Garth 2016
“I decided early on that this was just going to be about survival, not racing.”

Gisli 2016
“My old man came in 7 minutes behind me in the 19th place, pretty impressive for an old guy. ”

Isabelle 2016
” I had two mantras: 1) “I’m ok, I’m ok” as a way to check in & realize that at that moment I was warm enough, un-injured, moving forward. A minute-by-minute grounding and reassurance. and 2) “Fuckity-fuck-fuck-fuck” (in my very best Irish accent). And yes, I laughed everysingletime.”

Charles 2016
” It’s 90 per cent mental, and 10 per cent mental”

Karen 2015
“… we hit a track which took us through Alien-esque territory, it was beautiful yet eerie. I’m not surprised this area was the training ground for Astronauts to practise moon landings.”

Nadia 2015
“I made it to check point 3 the last one before the finish line and something interesting happened. After having cried for hours on the course and limping along I just accepted things. I found some level of peace within the pain and started making a move.”

Loren 2014
“I emerged from the rocks next to the waterfall, apparantly to the surprise of a gaggle of tourists who looked incredibly awe struck upon seeing this gaunt, wild-eyed mountain man bursting out of the wilderness in front of them.”

Simon 2012
“I’m fond of saying that in races like these, finishing is winning and everything else is a bonus.”