Fire and Ice Ultra Race: Race details

Entries for the 2024 Fire + Ice Ultra are now Open 
Iceland’s Toughest Footrace
You can download the Race Information Here 

Probably the Toughest Multi-Terrain

Race in the World

With some new and exciting route changes introduced for 2024

Starts Monday 26th August & finishes Saturday 31st August 2024

Kit and Medical checks take place at Race HQ on Saturday 24th August, between 5 pm and 8 pm

At the Self-catering apartment accommodation on Saturday 24th August and Saturday 31st August 2024

( Tea and Coffee facilities, provided in the Self-catering apartments, rest is self catering )

Fire + Ice Ultra 250 km in 6 days
To complete the 250km, 6 days, constantly changing Icelandic terrain.

6 Stages

Starting in Central Iceland and heading towards the Coast and the Arctic Circle in the North


No Navigation is Required!! Just follow the Red Flags and Marking tape

Most importantly to complete this challenge you must be self-reliant, carrying everything you need: food, water, clothing etc. (see race info pack that can be downloaded) for the duration. of the event.

The Fire + Ice Ultra will provide participants with Multi person tents and hot water at each site
NEW TENTS for 2023

Your safety is our priority, and for that, we have 4x4 vehicles, checkpoints and doctors to safeguard your health and medical well-being.

The Fire + Ice campsite
Our experienced team breaks down and sets up camp each day, providing you with shelter, in addition, we supply you with the facilities for preparing Freeze Dried food without Gas, Electric or Electricity any time that you wish

Our Medical Team is on hand at checkpoints along the way, and also at the camp at the end of each day.

Here’s What Just Some Of Our Competitors Have To Say:

“The most fantastic achievement of my Life”
I would just like to thank you for putting together such an incredible experience. You can really see you put a lot of thought into the course, I especially liked the little detours through rocky canyons. Anyway, thanks for all the hard work you and your team put in

“Amazing Adventure”
It's been an amazing adventure for the whole week guys. I would like to thank you very much, both organizers and volunteers, medics, runners and friends. It doesn't matter the extreme conditions we all endured, but the memories for a lifetime. And I drink to that! Cheers to everyone

“Tougher than the Marathon Des Sables”
That was the view of Mohamad Ahansal, winner of the Marathon des Sables on 5 occasions, and a view supported by many others who have taken part in both events since.


It's an Amazing Race. Amazing crew. It is such a great event and in an epic location.
Thank you

Confirmed competitors get access to a Private Facebook forum, with advice and information shared among past, present and future competitors.

Your Race Package:

Our team have put together an incredible course,

  • It can be completed by anyone with the right preparation and mental attitude
  • An incredible route recce'd over many months to give you the most challenging route and take in some of the wildest, most remote and spectacular parts of Iceland.
  • A Fully marked course, Just follow the Red flags and tape.
  • Runners and walkers are welcome. (cut off times do apply, but they are generous)
  • Our course team mark out the complete route for you to follow
  • Basecamp Set up for you at the end of each day by the campsite team
  • 4WD transport to the start
  • People with all abilities and experience have taken on the challenge
  • Self-Catering Apartment accommodation at Race HQ Saturday 26th August and Saturday 2nd September 2023. ( 2 or 3 per apartment, single supplement if space is available at the time of booking a single room, or maybe Self Catering houses holding larger numbers for some )
  • Most importantly a highly qualified and experienced course team of ex-ultra-racers and medical professionals are on hand 24 hours to help, should you need it.
  • 4WD vehicles on the course each day, taking part in various functions to make sure that the event goes smoothly.
Only the Fire + Ice Ultra has a complete range of challenges, terrain and landscapes. Keeping the race exciting and unpredictable; Ash and sand Dunes, deserts of Ash, Lava fields, River crossings, foot trails, 4WD trails

All starters will receive :

  • A Fire + Ice event top
  • A specially created and unique medal

  • Fire + Ice competitors, some parts of the course are protected and not open to the public, Fire + Ice competitors  are the only people permitted to cross some of the most remote but spectacular parts of Iceland 
  • Guarantee an experience of a lifetime A challenge that will push you to your limit mentally and physically, In an area, only a professional guide knows exists.
  • An experience only available to fire + Ice competitors 

The cost of the 2024 Fire + Ice Ultra is £2700 plus your travel (No increase in cost for 2024, no change since 2021)
  • Once you have paid your £700 deposit, you will get access to the Facebook forum, only for past, present and future competitors of the Extreme Adventure Races events.
  • Due to the sensitive nature of many parts of the Fire + Ice course, the National Park only give us permission for a limited number of competitors! Each year.
Any Questions? If you do have any questions you can email me,team@fireandiceultra.comor send a message through our contact us page 

The event takes place in the Central Highlands of Iceland, in one of the most remote and pristine and remote locations in the world, we start at the edge of the Northerdave@fireandiceultra.comn side of the Vatnajokull glacier, almost 100 km from the nearest road, with amazing scenery that includes landscapes that were used by Astronauts to practice moon landings, Lava Fields, Volcanoes, Deserts of Black volcanic sand, past massive waterfalls, green and grassy trails with Volcanic rock around you, hidden valleys teeming with life tucked away in the Lava fields. Massive cliffs with Volcanic formations, and finally finishing almost at the coast just below the Arctic Circle.

Program Details for 2024 are:

Typical program from previous years, the new 2024 routes are not yet finalised

Saturday 24th August 2024
Competitors arrive at Race HQ in northern Iceland, staying at self-catering apartments, with Tea, Coffee and kitchen facilities available, for each apartment, Kit checks, Medical reviews, and race paperwork take place between 5 pm and 8 pm

Sunday 25th August 2024

Depart for Base Camp in the Icelandic Highlands
Snacks and drinks are provided for the journey, Competitors provide their own Evening Meals,
at Base camp in the Icelandic Interior.

Monday 26th August 2024

36.6 km Competitors provide their own pre-race Breakfast, hot water is supplied.
Highlights for the day include:
Stunning views of the Glacier and terrain that looks like another planet

Tuesday 27th August 2024

42.6 km Highlights for the day include:
Tracks, Lava fields, and Volcanic ash fields in a remote location finishing at the Askja volcano

Wednesday 28th August 2024

42.8 km Highlights for the day include :

Remote trails, taking competitors onto the lower shoulder of the Queen, and across the lava field to the finish
Thursday 29th August 2024

70.5 km Highlights for the day include:

2 x Glacial River Crossing, fast tracks, Lava Fields, Little Sahara, Hidden Valley

Friday 30th August 2024

38.9 km Highlights for the day include:

Lava towers, grassy ground, remote tracks, steamy and bubbling mud pools

Saturday 31st August 2024

19 km Highlights for the day include:

Great views, Icelandic and Volcanic terrain

Course details may change, we are always looking to improve and add to the experience of competitors, weather and other conditions may also cause changes to the course.

Fire + Ice Ultra is always a unique challenge due to the Icelandic weather. The start is close to the Northern side of the Vatnajökull Glacier, the largest Icecap in Iceland, you should expect temperatures closer to freezing but as you go nearer the coast and hot springs the temperature normally becomes much more comfortable.
The majority of Fire + Ice backpacks weigh between 6.5 kg (excluding water) and 12 kg depending on the kit choices made by you.
Kit Lists

The Compulsory Kit List

If any changes, registered competitors will get access to the updated list by the end of January 2024
Yes, everything on the Compulsory kit list is …….. Compulsory!


1. Backpack / Rucksack, capable of carrying all compulsory equipment, food and other items you wish to carry, cameras etc. Normally around 30 litres or a little more.
2. Sleeping bag, with or without liner, capable of keeping you warm during the night to 0 ( Zero ) degrees centigrade.
3. Head torch AND emergency light, normal conditions for this time of year suggest they will not get much use, however bad weather conditions, extend the short period of darkness, mainly expected to be used for the long stage, and going to the bathroom etc.
4. 12 x Safety Pins for number (plus spares for other use). Your numbers MUST not be altered in size, and the whole number secured plainly visible on the front. and rear.
5. Small knife or multi-tool.
6. Survival BAG, NOT a sheet. It must be a bag you can get inside, with your clothes on if necessary.
7. Small flashing “ RED “ light, to fit on the back of your backpack in darkness (mostly expected for the long stage).
8. Sunscreen, waterproof type suggested
9. Lip balm there are lots of choices.
10. Medical kit, with special provision for Blisters, see the separate list for Medical kit and Blister kit contents.
11. Tissues / Wet wipes.
12. Hand cleaner, and alcohol gel, keep those stomach upsets at bay.
13. T-shirt Long or short sleeves must be quick-dry material.
14. Waterproof jacket and trousers.
  • Taped seams, waterproof and breathable.
  • If it is single layer material it has to have a minimum of 20,000 hydrostatic head
  • If it is a multi-layer material ( 2.5 or 3 layers) then it has to be a minimum of
  • 10,000 hydrostatic heads.
  • Any material that you can see through at all is not suitable
  • This is really important, every year we have someone who does not have the right quality waterproofs, we know from experience what is required.
15. Warm mid-layer, lightweight down sweater or similar, for use on a cold day, or at the camp in the evening.
16. Shorts and tights, anyone using shorts during the day, must also bring long tights or leggings, for cold days or for evenings.
17. Hat 1 – A hat suitable for protecting the head and neck against the sun.
18. Hat 2 – For warmth during cold evenings.
19. Shoes, trail running shoes, for events of this type it is normal to use shoes at least 1 size bigger than normal, to allow for swelling, blisters etc, remember your feet swell sideways not just lengthways, so consider a shoe with a slightly wider fitting.
20. Socks, your feet will get wet from time to time, a minimum of 2 pairs of socks required, more if you wish to.
21. Lightweight, warm gloves.
22. Sunglasses with UV protection.
23. Food and nutrition for the complete event, including the night before and morning of Race day before the start. Adventure Nutrition is the Highest Energy, Lowest weight and most compact size possible, large choice and great tasting. Use this LINKto go to the Adventure Nutrition food website for all your high-energy food, energy bars, gels, recovery drinks and other nutritional and sporting products, remember your electrolytes !! You must carry a minimum of 2300 Kcal per day.
24. Hydration system, water bottles, Platypus etc., you must have the capacity to carry a minimum of 2 litres, you must leave each CP with a minimum of 1.5 litres.
25. Sleeping mat IS compulsory.
26. Plus whatever you wish to carry, a camera, extra food, gaiters, iPod etc.
27. Dry Bags for your sleeping bag and clothes are compulsory.In Addition, each competitor MUST hand in a DROP BAG that will be available during the event at the discretion of the organisers.
28 In Addition, each competitor MUST hand in a DROP BAG that will be available during the event at the discretion of the organisers.
  • The drop bag is not an extension of your backpack, during 2021 and 2022, it was not issued at all until everyone reached the final finish line.
  • Your backpack contents will be checked before the event starts, and spot checks during the event to ensure you have all the compulsory kit.
All compulsory items must be present and suitable for event conditions. In the event that the medical team decides that an individual needs his or her drop bag, or individual requests the drop bag when it is not being issued to all participants, then a time penalty will be added to that individual’s time. When the drop bag is issued by the organisers to all participants, then no time penalties apply. In certain unusual conditions, this drop bag will be handed to all the competitors. Your drop bag must be up to the same size as a 20-litre backpack and no more.

The Drop Bag

It must be CLEARLY marked with your name AND race number.

You don’t have to carry this, so it does not have to be the lightweight kit you carry in your pack, no reason to be cold if you are issued your drop bag,

Contents MUST include:

A. Thick warm socks
B. Long warm trousers or leggings
C. Underwear
D. The long-sleeved warm base layer
E. The long-sleeved warm top layer
F. Warm hat, that covers ears
G. Warm pair of Gloves
H. Towel and swimming costume in your drop bag !!
I. Must NOT include extra food or nutritional products. No other items are permitted in your drop bag, it is not an extension of your backpack/rucksack, for emergency use only, and may not be issued at all if good weather conditions.

    Fire and Ice 2024 Compulsory Medical Kit
    Must be carried by all competitors

    We have excellent and well-equipped medics on the course and at camp, however, you are expected to be self-sufficient for normal medical situations. Painkillers or similar drugs (NSAIDS will NOT BE SUPPLIED by our Medics, research highlights dangers involved in taking painkillers during prolonged exercise, If you take painkillers, Tylenol / Paracetamol / Acetaminophen are preferred over anti-inflammatory medications such as Ibuprofen / Neurofen / Advil / Motrin / Naprosyn and others.

    It is NOT advised to take anti-inflammatory medication on the course. You should seek advice from your own doctor about any medication you plan to take during the Fire + Ice ultra, including Pain Killers.

    Any medication or other prescription items or medical supplies that you are required to take, (For example - Epi-Pen must be brought with you, not doing so may result in you not be able to start.

    The following list is a minimum requirement.
    You may need more supplies based on your experience and prior history of foot blisters.
    1. 1 x Compression Bandage, The minimum size requirement is 7.5 cm/3 in wide x 4.5 m/14 ft long (6 cm /2.4 inches in diameter). The compression bandage can be used for strapping an ankle/knee or slinging an arm injury.
    1. 12 x Safety Pins for emergencies and to hold race number in place
    1. 10 x Alcohol wipes
    1. 2 x hypodermic needles
    1. 1 x roll of paper tape
    1. 1 x roll of elastic tape
    1. Assorted blister pads, gel pads, moleskin etc
    1. Assorted plasters, for cuts, scratches etc.
    You are expected to be self-sufficient for small cuts and blisters, if you need to attend the Medical tent check opening times, attend as soon as you can after finishing, and bring your medical kit with you.
    • Note 1: A foot Lubricant is also recommended.
    • Foot powder is recommended for feet that sweat a lot.
    • Note 2: You should try to anticipate the number of supplies you will need for the whole event. If you do not bring enough supplies, you could be at risk of developing more severe blisters that could jeopardize your ability to finish the race.

    Each day the camp team will move the base camp to the end of the next stage.

    We use tubed tents due to the changeable nature of the Icelandic weather, which will be set up for you every day. They are designed to move with the wind, rather than resist it.

    The team will also provide you with hot water at set times every morning and evening at the campsites, to enable you to prepare the food and drinks you are carrying.

    At some camps, proper toilets are provided, but there are also camps with no facilities, portable toilets are provided at these camps.


    No navigation is required. Just follow the Red flags and Red tape
    The course team will be on the course for a week before you arrive, marking the whole course with red fluorescent flags and tape, so you don’t have to think about navigation and can focus on your experience.

    In the event you are still on the course after dark, possibly on the long stage, glow sticks will be deployed to make it easier for you to follow the course.

    Entry Costs

    Entry costs for 2024 is £2700.00. ( No change from 2021)

    A deposit of £700 is required to confirm your place.

    A further payment of at least £500 is due before the end of March 2024

    You can pay in instalments, with the final balance due by the 1st of June 2024


    Personal insurance is compulsory. Your insurance should cover you for any reason in the event you cannot make the start line. You must have your own insurance that covers you for all possible risks that are associated with this event, including your own travel insurance that covers you from leaving your home, until your return.

    Ensure it covers you when in the country of the event. This must cover you against all costs of hospitalisation, medical care, and repatriation to your home country if you are ill, injured or become unable to continue the event, this needs to include all travel costs, such as vehicle hire, air, train, or any other form of transport required.

    Your insurance must also cover you against any other extra costs that are incurred as a result of your injury or illness, such as accommodation, special assistance or special equipment. We have no control and can not accept any responsibility for any medical treatment received in the area of the event. We can not accept any responsibility for the quality of the type of services available in the area of the event.

    You are responsible for all of your equipment and belongings, we can not be responsible for any loss or damage, however, caused. We recommend that you take out sufficient insurance to cover all your equipment and belongings.

    Extreme Adventure Races

    • Extreme Adventure organises a number of events in Iceland, Nepal and the UK, with different formats, distances and environments, please see the event of your choice for more details.
    • Our events usually involve people from many countries, the official language at our events is English, however, we do have Icelandic-speaking staff available in Iceland.
    • Participants must be a minimum of 18 years old.
    • Extreme Adventure Races reserves the right to refuse or withdraw competitors from events where they feel it is necessary.
    • It is necessary for each participant to carry his or her own medication, and advise the organisers of any pre-existing medical conditions. A medical declaration is supplied to all participants and must be completed before starting.
    • Participants accept that all these events are in remote locations, and in the event of an emergency, transfer to medical facilities can take several hours or longer.
    • Extreme Adventure Races requires that participants have insurance that covers them for personal belongings, travel, hospitalisation, medical care and repatriation. In the event that illness or sickness requires the above.
    • Participants are responsible for all the belongings and equipment they own. Race Adventure is not responsible for any loss or damage, however, caused.
    • If the event is being filmed, recorded or photographed by the event's official photographer or staff, participants give the right to allow these images/films to be used by Extreme Adventure Races and associated companies.
    • Participants are welcome to take pictures or make films of their experience, however, these must solely be for personal use, use of these images or films for professional purposes must be pre-agreed.
    • Charity and Sponsors logos on your kit, Race Adventure have support and sponsorship from some companies to assist us with these events, it is not permitted that participants to display logos of any company that conflicts with Extreme Adventure Races or any of our sponsors.
    • By taking part in an Extreme Adventure Races event, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions that are specified above. These terms and conditions may be altered or added to as required.
    Travel to Race HQ in Iceland

    Each year the majority of competitors use our travel partner All-Iceland, it saves a lot of time, hassle, mistakes and money, you can get them 

    by emailing

    They can also help with extra time in Iceland, along with looking after family and friends that may be travelling to see you finish.

    They know where you need to be and on what day, sadly we have competitors who arrive late, face unexpected costs, or have to leave before the presentation dinner, in most cases, they are avoidable.