Naked Runner Carbon F1
Naked Runner

Naked Runner Carbon F1: Stylish Sports Sunglasses

Naked Runner Carbon F1

These Carbon Fibre Sunglasses are our latest design added to the ND:R range, aimed with the sportsman in mind, but it turns out these rather cool looking glasses look smart for any sport, Perfect for a decathlete like Daley Thomson!

They are incredibly light weight at an incredible 22 grams and with the carbon fibre side arms they do not dig into your temple, they actually mold to the shape of your head. Making them probably the most comfortable pair of sunglasses you have ever worn.


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Naked Runner Carbon F1

The frames come with two lenses clear and tinted, both are impregnated with anti steam coating to help on cold days when you pull up to traffic lights or even on the golf course.


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