SOL Magnesium Block
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SOL Mag Block, Magnesium Block, Easy to Shave and Ignite

Never be without a fire in an emergency with the classic SOL Mag Block. The magnesium block can be shaved with the steel tool to create a pile of shavings. Use the same steel tool to strike the integrated flint striker and ignite the shavings. The steel tool also functions as a bottle opener and can opener. Magnesium burns at 5400°F and ignites even in the worst conditions. Pack more than just a fire starting tool with the classic SOL Mag Block.

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Classic Fire-Starting Tool
Magnesium block is easy to shave and ignite with the steel striking tool.

High Burning Temperature
Magnesium burns at 5400°F to start fires in the worst conditions.

Steel Tool
The steel scraper also functions as a striker and bottle opener.

Integrated Flint
Creates a shower of sparks with the flint integrated into the magnesium block.

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