Each year we have a fantastic and enthusiastic team of volunteers who help with the Fire + Ice Ultra, Iceland's toughest footrace, and based in the Centre and North of Iceland, whilst many come back year after year, each year we have a limited number of places for new volunteers each year.

Volunteer choice is according to the needs of the event. 

Selection criteria include the need to speak English, we consider other criteria, that include, but not entirely, a full driving license, additional languages, recommendation, outdoor experience, fitness level, and other special skills, even sewing skills are an asset as the Volcanic Ash in the centre of Iceland causes damage to tents and Zips in particular.

Typically volunteers will be at least 21.

Typical Tasks may include: 

Assisting with Volunteer check-in, kit checks, camp preparation and pack up, manning checkpoints, supplying water to competitors, course sweeping (requires walking) recording times and competitors at checkpoints and finish. 

Preparation of the course. ( requires extra time at the Event before the start )

Those selected will have an extraordinary experience in the heart of Iceland, a spectacular and remote location. 

Volunteers arrive at least a day before competitors so that suitable training can be undertaken, emergency procedures, competitor relations, communication, sweeping, and many new and valuable skills are learnt as a volunteer. 

Volunteers are picked up in the Host country from pre-designated locations and times and transferred to Race HQ, where pre-event accommodation, food, and drink are supplied, ( including the Celebration and Awards dinner ), and after-event accommodation.

During the event, accommodation is in tents.

Volunteers are also supplied with event tops and Fire + Ice branded neck warmers.

If you wish to apply for a position as a Volunteer, please get in touch, by emailing us at


Please give brief details of yourself, your experience, and any relevant skills or experience you may have.

Successful Volunteers who book flights to Iceland with our event partners All-Iceland will

get a refund of £70 when arriving on time at Race HQ. 

For 2022 Volunteers would need to arrive at Race HQ before 9 am Saturday 27th August

( Room and Breakfast available the night before ) 

Depart Sunday 4th September 



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