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Compulsory Insurance

Event Insurance is compulsory for all events, and should cover you for all possible problems, medical, travel, withdrawal or any other reason you can not attend, however that is caused.

Kit FAQs

Kit list Please download the race pack here which has the full kit list. Waterproofs We always have lots of questions about our minimum requirements for waterproofs. Due to the unforgiving nature of Icelandic weather and the distance of the race we are very strict on the quality of waterproofs that are required. These waterproofs … Continue reading Kit FAQs


The weather on the course is very variable and can get cold, it’s not called Iceland for nothing. There is a saying in Iceland that you can experience all four seasons in one day. In the past competitors have had to deal with everything from snow to sunburn and sandstorms during the same race. Temperatures … Continue reading Weather

Race Reports

I’ve gathered together a collection of race reports and reflections which may help you in your preparation for the Fire and Ice Ultra. I’ve picked a favourite quote from each one. Enjoy!   David 2018 “… beyond the running challenge and Iceland’s unique scenery, the people associated with this race made my overall experience extra … Continue reading Race Reports