Kit FAQs

Kit list

Please download the race pack here which has the full kit list.


We always have lots of questions about our minimum requirements for waterproofs. Due to the unforgiving nature of Icelandic weather and the distance of the race we are very strict on the quality of waterproofs that are required. These waterproofs need to keep you dry and warm for hours upon hours in extremely tough conditions. If you cannot prove that your waterproofs meet the minimum requirements you will fail the kit check and be sent to buy new waterproofs before you are allowed to start the race.

As per the kit list the requirements for waterproofs are:

  • Taped seams, waterproof and breathable.
  • If it is single layer material it has to have a minimum of 20,000mm hydrostatic head.
  • If it is a 2.5 or 3 layer material then it has to be a minimum of 10,000mm hydrostatic head.

If the manufacturer doesn’t specify the rating of the waterproof then it does not meet the specifications, manufacturers like to boast about their waterproof ratings!

Emergency light and flashing LED

There is often some confusion about what lights must be carried. Make sure you install fresh batteries in each of your lights before the race. To clarify you must have three lights:

  1. Head torch – this is for the long stage and for using around camp in the evenings. Must be powerful enough to see by if walking and running.
  2. Emergency light – in case your head torch should fail for whatever reason, this must be powerful enough to see by if walking/running. Can either be another head torch or just a normal torch.
  3. Small flashing red light – this is to attach to the back of your pack if running in the dark to make sure you are visible if you are running in the dark. Something such as this.

Drop bag

The drop bag exists as an additional safety measure for the race. It is not there to make your pack lighter or to provide you with extra food. You will not be allowed to access your drop bag unless it is provided to you by the race organisation. There are only three circumstances where drop bags will be issued:

  1. If temperatures are forecast to drop below freezing during the day or the night then drop bags will be supplied to all competitors.
  2. If one of the race medics or the race director deems it necessary for a specific competitor to receive their drop bag. If this is the case and the competitor continues the race then an appropriate time penalty will be applied.
  3. If you drop out of the race you may have access to your drop bag once you have been driven to the overnight camp. However, if you choose to take your drop bag you will not be allowed to start subsequent stages as detailed above.

Your drop bag should be a waterproof dry bag as we cannot guarantee that drop bags will be stored in dry conditions. Please see the kit list for details of the required clothing in the drop bag, there must be no extra clothing or nutrition in the drop bag. The drop bag is not an excuse to make weight savings in your main race pack. You will be provided with a luggage label to mark your dry bag with your name and race number, please also write your name on the bag with a marker pen in case the label comes off. Hopefully you won’t need to use your drop bag at all.

Charging devices

There is no mains electricity anywhere along the course, there will be no opportunity to charge your devices. We cannot make any exceptions to this rule as it would be unfair on other competitors. We recommend that you carry a power bank if you want to keep GPS device, mobile phone or music player topped up. Some people choose to carry a solar charging pack but remember that you will be in Iceland and sunlight is far from guaranteed.