Protein for Ultra Runners

Helpful guide: Protein for Ultra Runners

Its not just bodybuilders who need to ensure they are getting enough protein. Our bodies are always renewing damaged cells and tissue, especially after your long hard run. To do this athletes need to make sure they have a regular intake of protein.

Protein :

  • Supports muscle strength and production of power
  • Aid a healthy immunity system
  • It is essential fuel to rebuild damaged cells, tissue and muscle after excercise

Typically an average athlete requires 55gms per day, but as you would expect, intensive excercise increases the amount of protein you need.

As a guidline athletes should be looking at 1.8g per Kg of bodyweight, although in some cases up to 2g per Kg of body weight can be beneficial.

If you dont consume enough protein over a period of time, your performance and recovery times will be severley effected.  You will notice the following effects :

  • Reduced muscle tissue
  • Increased muscle sorness after excercise
  • Reduced immunity and more frequent body infections

Not all proteins ofer the same level of nourishment.,

High quality proteins can be found in : Eggs, Meat, Poutry, Fish, Dairy and Whey

Lower quality proteins can be found in Nuts, Beans and Vegetables

High quality Whey Protein Shakes are a simple and tasty way to boost your protein intake. Especially the High Quality brands such as goprotein, Products like goprotein offer people who take part in extended excercise ( such as Runners, Triathletes,  Mountaineers, Trekkers and so on   ) some unique performance benefits.

However not all Whey products have the same quaility of ingredients, so care should be taken to ensure that you are using a high quality specification, GoProtein is the high quality brand that we stock.

When do I take my Protein Shake :

After training, Whey protein has a very quick digestion speed, it isproven to support muscle repair after excercise.

Before Bed / between meals, protein shakes can be a convenient and nutritous drink to take before sleep or between meals, for continued recovery after training.

The gorotein brand comes in both stanadrd and diet versions, with a large choice of flavours.

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