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Compulsory Insurance All Events


To take part in any of our events, it is compulsory to have suitable insurance, examples of what it must cover would include ( but is not restricted to ) 

  • Loss of payments for any reason in accordance with Rules and Regulations 
  • Medical needs as a result of injury during the event, or Illness or Injury leading up to the event
  • Missed flights or other travel problems or mishaps. Flights to and from events are the same as flights all over the world with all airlines, if the flight goes ahead, but you are not on it for any reason at all, then you will not get that flight refunded, You should ensure you are covered for not taking flights for any reason.  It is only if the airline cancels ( which is not the same as changing, delaying, or postponing ) your flight completely that you can get a refund. 
  • Lost or damaged gear and equipment
  • Medical treatment at the event location, 

If you travel and train frequently, it's worth considering Annual Insurance, although more expensive than a 2  or 3-week policy, often represents a better value over the year, especially if you are traveling and training frequently.

It is your responsibility to ensure the cover from your policy is suitable for the event you are taking part in.



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